Reference Number
Folder: A Brief Discussion of Some of the Determinations Made in Chemical Water Analysis
Folder: An Introduction to the Geologic History of Missouri
Folder: Annotated Bibliography of Missouri Precambrian (1959-1973)
Folder: Barite Mining and Production in Missouri
Folder: Bibliography of the Missouri Precambrian
Folder: Brown Iron Ore Locations of  Howell County, Missouri
Folder: Brown Iron Ore Locations of Oregon County, Missouri
Folder: Catalogue of the Caves of Missouri
Folder: Chemical Analyses of River and Spring Waters
Folder: Chemical Analyses, Precambrian Rocks of Missouri
Folder: Composite Stratigraphic Column for Missouri
Folder: Gazetteer of Missouri Geologic Place Names
Folder: Geographic Location Referencing and Display Considerations for Proposed Electronic Data Processing of MO Natural Resources Info
Folder: Geology and Exploration of Missouri Iron Deposits
Folder: Guide to Mineral Resources Along I-44, Rolla to St Louis, Missouri
Folder: Guidebook to the Geology of the Rolla Area, Emphasizing Solution Phenomena
Folder: Guidebook, Field Trip, 42nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Folder: Guidebook, North-Central GSA Field Trip No. 2, Pleistocene and Engineering Geology of North-Central Missouri, April 13, 1973
Folder: Interim Report - Sources of Test Data Base Information for a Natural Resources Information System
Folder: Inventory of Heavy Oil in Western Missouri
Folder: Inventory of Strippable Tar Sands in Southwestern Missouri
Folder: Kaolin Deposits Near Glen Allen, Bollinger County, Missouri
Folder: List of Brown Iron Ore Deposits, Wayne County, Missouri
Folder: Maintenance, Inspection and Operation of Dams in Missouri
Folder: Mineral Conservation in Missouri
Folder: Movement of Shallow Groundwater in the Perryville Karst Area, Southeastern Missouri
Folder: National Flood Insurance Program Handbook for Missouri Communities that Lack Detailed Studies
Folder: National Flood Insurance Program Handbook for Missouri Communities with Flood Insurance Studies
Folder: Oil and Gas Possibilities in the Belton Area
Folder: Oil for Today and Tomorrow
Folder: Oil Gas Rules Regulations
Folder: Paleontology of Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician Formation in Missouri
Folder: Partial Catalog of Caves in Missouri
Folder: Physical Constraints to Urban Development in Nineteen Selected Areas in Missouri
Folder: Pleistocene Stratigraphy of Missouri River Valley Along the Kansas-Missouri Border
Folder: Policy Options for Missouri Coal
Folder: Prospecting in Missouri
Folder: Remote Sensing Applications to Missouri Environmental Resources Information System
Folder: Report Writing Manual for the Missouri Geological Survey and Water Resources
Folder: Stratigraphic Column of the Pennsylvanian Subsystem of Missouri
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